We love launching new additions to our ranges, and we are very excited about our new Zuma Gold Dust. New in stock (and in good time for the festive season) it gives hot drinks a regal touch and the chance to brighten customers’ day.

Zuma Gold Dust is made with a combination of cocoa, sugar and edible gold, it is approved by The Vegan Society. Featuring the new look Zuma style, which we are rolling out over the next few months, the 300g shakers come in cases of 6, so perfect for you to use, or even sell to customers to use at home.


When sprinkled on top of steamed milk, the cocoa and sugar dissolve to leave a wonderful golden sheen. We also like to sprinkle it on top of any hot drink before adding whipped cream. With a little practice the cream picks up the gold, adding a truly gold effect to the swirls of cream.

To be one of the first to get Zuma Gold Dust speak to your Zuma distributor, or all us on 0117 953 3522 and we will put you in touch with your nearest supplier.