Premium Beverage Platform Paving the Way for a Revolution: An All-Natural Self-Serve Beverage Experience Now Available to the UK  

The modern coffee and cold beverages industry is witnessing a significant shift towards fresh, natural and frozen drinks, alongside a ground-breaking shift in consumers’ welcoming of convenient self-serve beverage platforms. To meet this demand, we have partnered with US-based innovators Fresh Blends® to introduce Fresh Blends® premium self-serve machines in the UK.

Fresh Blends® is an innovative self-serve beverage platform offering a wide range of drinks, including iced coffees, frozen chocolates, frappes, smoothies, frozen lemonades, and more. We, at Beyond the Bean are the exclusive distribution partner for Fresh Blends® in the UK, to deliver refreshing, and healthy drink options in seconds.

“We are proud to partner with Beyond the Bean to provide healthier and delicious options to meet the growing demand for blended and iced beverages in the U.K.,” said Dennies Bergmann, Fresh Blends’ Chief Marketing Officer.  “This new partnership opens the door to a wider audience, and we look forward to bringing the seamless Fresh Blends user experience to customers on a global scale.”

The platform has sold over 60 million delicious beverages globally and counting. With its intuitive 20-inch touchscreen menu and self-sanitising feature, Fresh Blends® ensures a fun and easy-to-use experience for both self-serving customers and behind-the-counter staff.

A fresh take on evolving consumer demand

Premium-vended beverage consumers find modern machines easy to use (96%) and visually appealing (71%), according to recent research by coffee industry insights leader Allegra, indicating a growing demand for innovative self-serve solutions in the beverage sector.

Meanwhile, natural beverage choices also continue their unstoppable growth trajectory. Smoothies have become a popular choice among consumers for their convenience and health benefits. With an estimated global market value of USD 21.5b, expected to almost double USD 41.1b by 2033, the smoothie industry is witnessing significant growth.

In the UK beverage scene, as well as globally, there is significant shift towards blended and iced drinks, prompting businesses to adapt to changing consumer preferences. Recent data from Kantar (2022) shows a 26.7% surge in cold coffee consumption, primarily driven by Millennials and Gen Z. With the cold coffee sector projected to grow by 22% annually over the next five years, reaching a value of approximately GBP 1.1 billion by 2027, it’s clear this trend is here to stay.

One Device, Unlimited Experiences

Inspired by these unstoppable shifts in consumption, Fresh Blends® provides endless possibilities for beverage and menu customisation – tailored to each outlet’s customer needs – from real fruit smoothies to refreshing lemonades and iced coffee drinks.

Each beverage is made from all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours. With branding and menu customisation options and flexibility to innovate, Fresh Blends® offers consistent, high-quality products while reducing labour and cost for its partners.

Crafted by an award-winning culinary team, Fresh Blends® recipes guarantee delicious, all-natural flavours that cater to diverse consumer preferences and demographics, including families, fitness enthusiasts, vegans, busy professionals, and anyone interested in fresh ingredients and flavours. Seasonal menus, organic ingredients, and a vast choice of fruits and even proteins are options, providing hundreds of combinations to suit every menu, location, customer base, and palate.

Best-in-Class Technology, Reducing Waste and Time 

Powered by EcoBlend-in-Cup® Technology, Fresh Blends® can produce a blended drink in under 60 seconds, with up to 45 drinks per hour, while minimising product waste. The new Fresh Blender® Plus is the first-of-its-kind equipment. It includes a new, built-in self-cleaning system, Advanced Sanitation, which handles the daily to periodic cleaning tasks without human intervention for up to six months.

With over 3,000 machines globally, including partnerships with BP, 7-Eleven, and Edeka, Fresh Blends® is revolutionising the beverage industry with its dynamic platform. Fresh Blender® units are available to from Beyond the Bean today.

Fresh Blends®: The Future of Beverage Innovation

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