National contract caterer CH&Co have switched their syrup range to entirely Sweetbird sugar-free. Operating in 750 locations across the UK and Ireland, the choice to switch the core flavours to exclusively sugar-free was made after extensive consumer research. Marketing Manager Judy Roberts highlights that the results of the tasting panels were positive, as all participants ‘agreed on the great flavour of the sugar-free syrups, finding it hard to tell the difference.’

Judy explains the motivation between switching their range to sugar free: ‘The impact we can make by removing sugar from our best-selling coffee syrups is one move that makes sense on all levels.  The price is the same, the taste is at least as good and the reduction in calories in every coffee we sell is hugely reduced.’

Health concerns are a factor in the company’s decision to move to a sugar-free offering, as Judy notes: ‘sugar-free fitted with our drive to continually reduce sugar where we could, supporting Public Health England’s obesity plan.’

This positive response to sugar-free syrup was mirrored in our consumer research here at Beyond the Bean, with 49% of syrup drinkers surveyed preferring the sugar-free syrup variant*.

*SAMPLING PROCEDURE: Our sampling was conducted in
February 2019 with 120 customers in several high street cafés
and office cafés in Bristol. We asked participants in a blind
taste test which out of two samples they preferred – a latte
made with Sweetbird Salted Caramel syrup vs. a latte made
with Sweetbird Sugar-free Salted Caramel syrup. Out of the
120 participants 40 were regular syrup drinkers. 12 were
regular syrup drinkers aged 22-34