In February 2019 we conducted a survey with customers in several high street cafés and employees in cafes in Bristol to determine the response to our sugar-free syrup vs. regular syrup. We asked participants in a blind taste test which out of two samples they preferred – a latte made with Sweetbird Sugar- free Salted Caramel syrup vs. a latte made with Sweetbird regular Salted Caramel syrup.

Of the participants surveyed who regularly drank flavoured coffee, 49% preferred the sugar-free sample. Of this group, 60% were aged 22-34, implying the preference amongst the younger generation for the taste of sugar-free syrups.

See below for the full results:

Try both our Sweetbird Salted caramel syrups and see which one you prefer! Read more about the Sweetbird sugar-free syrup range here.